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Resume Writing

Resume Writing



Have Your Resume Written by The Executive Resumes!

In today’s competitive job market, it is no longer sufficient to possess the industry experience and professional certifications. To stand out from a sea of highly qualified job applicants, you have to develop a strong personal brand. This can only be achieved with the help of professional career experts.

As a Singapore-based Executive Career Services Provider, our Team is able to offer practical, relevant advice in the development of your professional, personal brand with regards to your career goals in the Singapore & Asian job market.

The first step in the development of your personal brand is the preparation of a well prepared resume.

We will work with you to distillate your key contributions & achievements, management style & areas of expertise into a concise, impactful document that translates to interviews.

The Resume Writing Process

Stage 1 Information Gathering & Consultation

In this stage, we will take the time to understand your career history, key strengths, leadership style as well as personal goals and aspiration.Do send your existing resume as well as any other career documents to us. It will be best if you are also able to provide the job description of the role(s) that you are interested in.

Stage 2 Strategy Development

It is essential to have a clear objective and strategy in the development of your resume. We will set the tone and direction of your career document in this stage. These are the following focus sections that we will work on:

Focus Section (1): Executive Summary

An impactful paragraph or two, that summarises your experience, qualifications and key functional strengths.

Focus Section (2): Areas of Expertise

With the electronic submission of all resumes these days, it is important that your resume score well in resume processing engines, otherwise known as applicant tracking systems (ATS). This will ensure your resume stand out in both job boards and company candidate databases.

Focus Section (3) Key Contributions

You are being hired for what you can do for the company. In this focus area, we will work on highlighting your key contributions in your past roles. Your leadership qualities will also be emphasized upon.

At this stage, a first draft will be sent to you for your review.

Stage 3 Evaluation of Career History

We will carefully evaluate the content, quality and effectiveness of the details of your job history. Some candidates include excessive detail, while others erred in the opposite extreme. Achieving a perfect balance will be our chief objective here.

Stage 4 Review & Finalisation

During this stage, we will review the prepared document (s) in close consultation with you, and make any final changes.  As the resume is a very personal document, we always ensure that the tone and language used reflects the individual.

Your resume has been completed and you are ready to score interviews!


Have a question about our Premium Career Services? Email us at cv@executiveresumes.com.sg and our Resume Team will respond to you shortly.

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